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I believe that consistent hard work with complete dedication always generates better than expected results in the long-term. Looking forward to connect and possibly work with you.


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Ghost In Space Game

Game - Ghosts and Treasures in Space, using Greenfoot graphics for Java Programming

Ghost and Treasure in Space

Spotify Song Ranking

Worldwide Spotify Song Ranking Analysis and Spotify Songs Audio Features Analysis (by Ayush Gupta and his group), for research on "What makes a song popular?"

Spotify Song Ranking

Harry Potter Game

Harry Potter vs The Army of Voldemort Game - created using turtle graphics in Python, music added using pygame (Completed by Dec'17)

Harry Potter Game

Visualizing Kaggle 2020

Data Visualization of Kaggle 2020 Data Science Survey, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (D3.js library and Vue.js framework), Python, MS Excel.

Visualizing Kaggle 2020

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning applied in the field of Natural Language Processing

ML For Natural Language Processing

Ninja Survival Game

A Game using MIPS Assembly Programming Language

Ninja Survival Game
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